MEET MANAGER 7.0 for Swimming


Service Pack Release Notes



Procedure to Download and Install Service Packs

Start MEET MANAGER 7.0 and click Check for Updates at the top of the main screen.

If a Firewall is preventing the Check for Updates process from completing, you can order a Product Replacement CD from the HY-TEK Online Store. Or go to the HY-TEK Download Center, click on Update next to MEET MANAGER 7.0, and SAVE the MEET MANAGER 7.0 Service Pack update file to your hard drive (to c:\Hy-Sport for example). Then start MM 7.0 and click on File / Install Update and follow the prompts.



Version 7.0Ce - August 16, 2017

Previously, after installing an update, Meet Manager would display an error message the first time it was run. This issue has been resolved in this release.

Previously, in a meet program with a custom heat order, alternates were displayed in the wrong heats. This issue has been resolved in this release.

Previously, using File > Duplicate to duplicate a past meet to a future date and then using the File > Export > Events for TM on the new meet resulted in a "Meet start date has passed" error message and the new meet displaying information from the old meet. This issue has been resolved in this release.


Version 7.0Cd - July 20, 2017

Previously, in multi-age group Scratch List reports, dividing lines were not displayed between heats for each age group. This issue has been resolved in this release.

Previously, in Reports > Psych Sheets, NT entries for relay events were not sorted by age. This issue has been resolved in this release.

Obsolete references in the product help for the Real-Time Results to Web feature on heat sheet and last event completed upload functions have been deleted.

Previously, finals were seeded incorrectly with fewer than the expected number of swimmers. This issue has been resolved in this release.


Version 7.0Cc - July 3, 2017

The formatting of the MRF file generated by Reports > Results > Report Type > Export File > British Ranking has been corrected to remove the final blank line and make the file compatible with the British Swimming online MRF Results Data Validation tool.

The Reports > Meet Program > Psych List - Sort Order tab > Flighting meet check box is now unchecked by default, and this setting is retained after database backups.

Printed Scratch Sheet reports showed incorrect events and athletes. This issue has been resolved in this release.


Version 7.0Cb - June 27, 2017

In File > Export > Results for SwimCloud, Coaches can now export meet results to SwimCloud.

Previously, updating the backup time for an athlete and then clicking the Calc button failed to update the AdjustedPL on the Time Adjustment popup. This issue has been resolved in this release.

On Lane Timer sheets, all long distance (1500m and above) heats are kept on one page.


Version 7.0Ca - June 19, 2017

This is the first release of the new 7.0 version of MEET MANAGER for Swimming:


New Features


File Menu

In File > Duplicate, you can now duplicate an existing meet to create a new meet with new Start, End and Age-up Dates and selectively purge Entries, Seeding, Scores and Teams data.


Set-up Menu

When using the Timed Final Multi-Age Super Seed feature, in the Set-up > Entry / Scoring Preferences > Disability Meet tab, disabled swimmers can be set to be seeded together with all other swimmers by checking the If Timed Final Multi-Age Seed is set, seed Multi-Class Athletes with their age group check-box.

To lock seeded events against reseeding, check the Set-up > Seeding Preferences > Basic > Lock all events for reseed check-box.


Relays Menu

In Relays > Add a Relay, an Athlete can be assigned to a position on a Relay Team by clicking and dragging the athlete from the Eligible Athletes list into the Relay Order list.


Run Screen

In the Run > F9 > Prelims Scratch Sheet, you can print out the current data grid as a report. On the generated report, each heat is separated by lines based on the next round's heat and lane settings. If there is a tie for any slot requiring a swim-off, then a warning will be displayed and you can select to continue or abort printing the report.

When setting-up a swim-off, tied athletes or teams are automatically listed for you to select to seed for the swim-off event.

In the Run > Calc > Time Adjustment screen, Adjusted HPL and Adjusted PL columns show the adjusted heat placings and adjusted placings, respectively.

The Run > Reports menu now offers a set of reports that is consistent with the Reports menu.

If an event has swim-off event results, then Meet Manager can automatically break ties based on the swim-off results and create the Judge's Decision placings.


Reports Menu

In Reports > Entry Lists, exhibition entries are marked with an X in front of the entry time.

To include split boxes in the Lane/Timer Sheet, check the Reports > Lane/Timer Sheets > Parameters > Include Splits check box and then select a Split Distance.

The Reports > Entry Lists report has been re-formatted for better readability.

For UK-based meets only, in the Reports > Psych Sheet report, when sorting by Slow to fast or Fast to slow, No Time entries are always sorted from youngest-to-oldest.

To generate flighting meets, in which the fastest heats of each event are placed together, check the Reports > Meet Program > Psych List - Sort Order > Flighting meet check-box and enter the number of fastest heats to place in a flight in the Fastest heats for A flight box.

In Reports > Exceptions Reports > Miscellaneous, you can now select to include swimmers whose time intervals between seedings is less than the entered number of minutes.

In the Reports > Exceptions Report > Max Entries tab, you can now generate a report to list athletes who exceed the Max Bonus entries and have fewer than the Min qualified time entries.

In the Reports > Teams > Entry Fee Summary tab, check the Only Time Trial check box to list only Time Trial events.